One-day trip from Phnom Penh. 10 km of hiking

Adventure hiking to Prasat Phreah Ko Mountain (Bayang Temple)

This hiking is ideal for active travelers with a moderate level of fitness

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Basic information you should know about the tour
Cost of trip 35 USD per pax
Duration of trip 8:00am-7:00pm

The meeting point is Independence Monument at Wat Langka side.
Transportation (minivan Toyota Hiace 12 seats, local driver) will be provided from Phnom Penh and back.

This trip is ideal for active travelers with a moderate level of fitness.

Activity description:
We have journey: 110 km from Phnom Penh at comfortable minivan.
The road to the mountain, however, is old and difficult to access in the thick forest. The temple is reachable by climbing 390 ancient steps.
In addition to Bayang, there are four other temples on the mountain-Preah Kor temple, North Kanang temple, East Kanang temple and Kampoul Kanang temple.
All are for Brahman worship and contain a Siva lingam. Also here is hidden cave of princess Sri Raja Lakshmi. The power and treatment place.
You will see really hidden unexplored trails, sightseeing including visiting to secret spots under the guidance of an experienced and fun guide!
Package for each included:
1) Transportation from Phnom Penh and back
3) Foreigner, professional, English-speaking guide
4) 2 bottles of water (0,5l)
5) Vegetarian or non-vegetarian sandwich, fruit and nuts
6) 2 cans of local beer and one glass of red wine
7) Many adventures and exploration
8) New meetings and friends, safety and support
How to book?
Write letter with details of your order
1) Quantity of pax
2) Estimated date
3) Special requirements if any
4) Your question if any
to email:
or to Facebook public group
Phnom Penh one-day trip
or to Messenger of your guide Valentina
What to take with you:
1. Comfortable sport shoes for hiking and sport clothes are necessarily.
2. Change of clothes in case we will get rain on the way
3. Insect repellent
4. Comfortable backpack
5. Sun protection cream
6. Cap and sunglasses
Don't be shy if it's your first time attending an event.
There are always first timers in our events so you will have a warm welcome!
You can pay $35 in hand at the date of trip or transfer to the bank account to secure your booking in advance.
Name: @Valentina Mimiyeva Account number 000062249 ABA.
Detailed tour program

Start 8:00am
Destination: Prasat Phreah Ko Mountain (Bayang Temple)
Transportation will be provided from Phnom Penh at 8:00 am. Come back at 7:00 pm

Plan of trip:
1. Journey at the minivan will be 3 hours.
We will make one stop for coffee and bathroom on the way.
2. We will hike to the top of mountain 5 km. Then we will see the view points, holy caves, kru (wizard temple), hidden temple and main ancient temple complex at the top. Then come back.
3. We will move in the bus 10 min to another mountain and hike again 500 m to the lunch view point. Have a lunch there.
4. We will also observe very interesting modern Hindu temple and ancient ruins.
5. We can hike around 2 km to look for place with natural swimming pool at the rocks, if it will be rainy and have water there.
Clothes and equipment
1. Comfortable sport shoes for hiking and sport clothes are necessarily.
2. Bikini & flip flops and towel if you want to swim.
3. Change of clothes in case we will get rain on the way
4. Insect repellent
5. Comfortable backpack
Your guide have emergency medicine and tool kit.
You need only yours individual medicine if needed.
Food and drinks
You will get tour package:
2 bottles of water (0,5l)
Vegetarian or non-vegetarian sandwich
Local fruits and nuts
2 cans of local beer
One glass of red wine
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