M`pay bay (Koh Rong Samloem) island

Ocean Adventure Trip

M`pay bay (Koh Rong Samloem) island and ocean adventure trip.
Amazing starry sky with the magic glowing plankton, fair at the beach, barbeque and wine!
Coral reef snorkeling and fun diving. Jungle hiking. Inhabited islands exploring.
Choose date, destination point, invite your friends and go!
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Basic information you should know about the tour
  • Cost of trip
    Package 1: 3 nights 4 days. Air-con, hot shower bungalow
    310USD for one person
    470USD for two persons (sharing the room)

    Package 2: 3 nights 4days. Fan\hot shower bungalow
    235USD for one person
    325USD for two persons (sharing the room)

    Package 3: 3 nights 4days. Personal tent and sleeping bag
    180USD for one person

    Cost of diving: 150USD per pax + special offer for the fun dive (2 dives) 95USD if you have license and 110USD for the beginners without license, including basic dive training.

  • Activity description:
    1) 11km round trekking along the beaches and jungle of the island with a stop for swimming at one of the best beaches of the island (Clearwater bay).
    2) Snorkeling at many of the beautiful coral reef site around the bay.
    3) Boat trip and night swimming at the glowing plankton.
    4) Island waterfall jungle hiking. Swimming at the waterfall and romantic sunset viewpoint
    5) Inhabited islands exploring
    6) Many other adventures
    7) Fun diving and refreshing for divers
    8) Diving course for the beginners
  • Package for each included:
    1. Native English speaking foreigner tour guide, experienced with the jungle surviving and making your trip safe and comfortable Valentina Jungle guide
    2. Professional scuba dive foreigner instructor Tom Mellon Ecosea divers and diving and snorkeling equipment
    3. Transportation from Phnom Penh and back at the comfortable minivan and JTVS speedboat
    4. Accommodation by your own choice. Personal tent and sleeping bag.
    5. Island boat and experienced local captain
    6. Unforgettable beach barbeque wine dining night with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options
  • How to book?
    Write letter with details of your order
    1) Quantity of pax
    2) Estimated date
    3) Special requirements if any
    4) Your question if any
    to email: tina@indochinaviptour.com
    or to Facebook public group
    Phnom Penh one-day trip
    or to Messenger of your guide Valentina
  • What to take with you:

    1. Comfortable sport shoes for hiking and sport clothes are necessarily.
    2. Bikini & flip flops and towel.
    3. Flashlight
    4. Insect repellent
    5. Comfortable backpack
    6. Warm clothes for night with long sleeves and pants.
  • Don't be shy if it's your first time attending an event.
    There are always first timers in our events so you will have a warm welcome!
    You can pay in hand at the date of trip or transfer to the bank account to secure your booking in advance.
    Name: @Valentina Mimiyeva Account number 000062249 ABA.
Detailed tour program

If you want to spend time on one of Cambodia's most beautiful islands named Koh Rong Samloem, and save money on super expensive accommodation, then we offer you a hidden secluded stunning beach and tented accommodation under the roof at an abandoned colonial hotel. Hornbills and friendly squirrels will live next to you, and around you there will be a coral reef with barracuda ,maybe octopus and crystal clear water. We can have a campfire and barbecue on the beautiful beach overlooking the spectacular sunset and swim in the glowing plankton, under the stars. You will have the opportunty to get back to nature. Jungle/trail hiking snorkeling at many of the beautiful coral reef site around the bay and many other adventures.

Transportation will be provided from Phnom Penh at 6:00 am.
Destination: Pier Gate#1, Sihanoukville

Plan of trip:

Day 1.
Arriving to the Pier Gate#1, Sihanoukville at 12.30pm. Lunch at the pier.
Transfer to Koh Rong Samloem island (40min) at 1pm.
Arriving to campsite at 2pm. Check-in, tents installation.
The campsite has toilets, a large covered shed for pitching tents, a kitchen and a dining area.
3.00pm a small hike (1,5km) to the romantic waterfall hidden in the jungle. Sunset at the waterfall side.
5.00pm Barbeque and wine dining at the campsite.
7.00pm Swimming in the magical plankton. Bonfire and music night.
Day 2.
The jungle adventure day !
08.00 wake up European breakfast and the best coffee of different kinds in the restaurant with delivery to the campsite.
We start long-way 11km round trekking along the beaches and jungle of the island with a stop for swimming at one of the best beaches of the island (Clearwater bay) with white sand and clear water, on a good day you can see Sihanoukville 27 kilometers away on the distant horizon.
Bird watching offers the chance to see hornbills, toucans, electric blue wood peckers amongst other species resident on the island. snorkeling is available at many sites around the island.
Come back to campsite at 2pm. Free time for lunch, dinner and swimming. Time for visit to friendly expats community bars and restaurants, located near the campsite.
Day 3.
The ocean adventure day!
08.00 wake up European breakfast and the best coffee of different kinds in the restaurant with delivery to the campsite.
On this day, we plan to go around all the most famous reefs, uninhabited Koh Khoun island and dive sites on a longtail boat under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
You will be provided with snorkeling equipment.
Those who want to can try diving for beginners. Certified divers may go fun diving. We will land on uninhabited islands and observe the most interesting underwater world.
Day 4.
Beach relaxing day.
Departure to Sihanoukville at 2pm

Fun Diving opportunity:

Fun Diving at M`pay bay is all about getting the maximum enjoyment from your dives. To ensure this, we keep groups sizes to a maximum of 4 divers. We'll also buddy your team based on certification level/ dive experience and comfort in the water.

We provide a dive leader from our full-time professional team to ensure fun dives are carried out with the highest of safety standards. Equipment is included in the cost, however, if you have your own gear we will happily discount your dives.

Dive site selection is realistic and always safety conscious. We consult with our local Khmer Captain on water movement and site conditions every day and only set dive sites 1 day in advance.

Try a dive activity is $60 for training and one dive 0r $110 for training session and two dives to a max of 12 metres. Certified divers may have a two dive day cost $95 inclusive of all boat fees ,equipment rental and air. Advance booking of dive activities is required.

We promise to take you to various dive sites as much as possible and for those divers that book on for multiple dives, we will try our best to make sure you dive with your chosen professional throughout your stay.

  • Clothes and equipment
    1. Comfortable sport shoes for hiking and sport clothes are necessarily.
    2. Bikini & flip flops and towel if you want to swim.
    3. Change of clothes in case we will get rain on the way
    4. Insect repellent
    5. Comfortable backpack
  • Medicine
    Your guide have emergency medicine and tool kit.
    You need only yours individual medicine if needed.
  • Food and drinks
    You will get tour package:
    2 bottles of water (0,5l)
    Vegetarian or non-vegetarian sandwich
    Local fruits and nuts
    2 cans of local beer
    One glass of red wine
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