3 days 2 nights hiking. 6 pax. 160USD per pax

Phnom Aural Summit hiking

Jungle hiking 24 km to the top of Phnom Aural mountain.
Cretaceous jungle with old-centuries relic trees.
Amazing starry sky dinner with barbeque and wine!
Choose date, destination point, invite your friends and go!
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Basic information you should know about the tour
Cost of trip 120 USD per pax
Duration of trip 3 days, 2 nights
The meeting point is Independence Monument at Wat Langka side 8:00am. Come back to Phnom Penh next day at 6:00pm.
Personal hammok accommodation. Food and drinks included.
Transportation (Luxury Jeep Lexus 470, 6 seats) will be provided from Phnom Penh and back.
This trip is ideal for active travelers with a high level of fitness.
Activity description:
We have journey: 142 km from Phnom Penh.
Having lunch and ride Cambodian moto-tractor some part of way: 7 km at the bamboo forest.
Hiking 6 hours to the first campsite, placed at the beautiful valley.
Seeing sunset with barbeque dinner and wine
Hiking to the summit of Phnom Aural mountain 9,5 km.
Walking at the jungles. Birdwatching. Crushed airplane.
Swimming at the waterfall on the way back and hear gibbon voices at the jungles!
Package for each included:
1) Transportation from Phnom Penh and back at Lexus 470
3) Foreigner, professional, English-speaking guide, safety and support
4) 4 bottles of water (1,5l)
5) Vegetarian or non-vegetarian sandwich, fruit and nuts for lunch
6) 2 cans of local beer and one glass of red wine for dinner
7) Night barbeque and breakfast
7) Personal hammock and sleeping bag
8) Local guide and Cambodian moto-tractor transportation
How to book?
Write letter with details of your order
1) Quantity of pax
2) Estimated date
3) Special requirements if any
4) Your question if any
to email: tina@indochinaviptour.com
or to Facebook public group
Phnom Penh one-day trip
or to Messenger of your guide Valentina
What to take with you:

1. Comfortable sport shoes for hiking and sport clothes are necessarily.
2. Bikini & flip flops and towel if you want to swim.
3. Change of clothes in case we will get rain on the way
4. Insect repellent
5. Comfortable backpack
6. Warm clothes for night with long sleeves and pants.
Don't be shy if it's your first time attending an event.
There are always first timers in our events so you will have a warm welcome!
You can pay in hand at the date of trip or transfer to the bank account to secure your booking in advance.
Name: @Valentina Mimiyeva Account number 000062249 ABA.
Detailed tour program

Aural is the highest peak in Cambodia (1813m), sitting in the Eastern section of the Cardamom Mountains. The Cardamom Mountain Range, in Western Cambodia, has great off-the-beaten-track hiking on offer.

Climbing Experience

The terrain of Mount Aural can be split into 2 district sections; the dusty road and bamboo forests. The road takes an average of 2 hours to complete. It is a relatively pleasant walk which is not seen as a challenge to most climbers. The longest section, the bamboo forest is steep and requires good physical fitness to complete, especially if the weather is humid. It usually takes climbers 5 hours to walk through the dense forest before reaching the top of Aural.
The ascent starts with an uphill road which is used for the transportation of logs. The road is pretty dusty in the dry season and the elevation throughout this section is around 200 meters which is usually not too challenging for climbers. Watch out for trucks winding down the road at high speeds. The road becomes sludgy and sometimes slippery after rainfall. It takes an average of 2 hours for climbers to reach camp 1 from the beginning of the dusty road.
At the top of the logging road, climbers will reach camp 1 which is where the forest starts. Many animals have been spotted in the forest including monkeys, boars, bears, birds and several species of big cats including leopards and the Asian golden cat. Climbers are advised to carry insect repellent as mosquitoes in the forest can become a problem. The walk through the steep bamboo forest takes an average of 5 hours.

Plan of trip:

Day 1.
Start 7.00am
Destination: Phnom Aural mountain area. Srae Kan Village. (2,5 hours)
We will make one stop for coffee and bathroom on the way.
1. Riding Cambodian moto-tractor 7 km (1,5 h)
2. Hiking 5,5 km to the first campsite.
3. Nature barbeque dinner with wine serving, enjoy the fair and starry sky.
Day 2
Start 7.00am.
We will cook breakfast and start hiking to the high campsite 7,5km.
12.00 am. Reach the first top peak of Aural. Take photos of the viewpoint at 1400 m
12.00- 17.00 The jungle trail is 3,5 km up via the high campsite Phnom Aural summit. located 3.5 km from the top of the mountain
The evergreen Aural forest is home to the Cambodian Laughing thrush (one of the two endemic bird species in Cambodia) and many other rare birds, who live at this high elevation.
The Mount Aural trek takes climbers through forests with opportunities to catch a glimpse of the wildlife in the area, including leopards, bears, boars and monkeys
We will stay at night at High campsite (1600m)

Day 3
Start 7.00am
Climb up to the summit of Phnom Aoral (1813m). The trail 3.5 km is mostly ascending.
10.00 Beginning descent via High Camp. The descent is much quicker than the ascent and usually takes around 4 hours, depending on how frequently climbers take breaks.
Walking around 3,5 km to the rainforest to see place of crushed airplane. Its location in the southern plains is a bit off the beaten track and offers a great opportunity to see some really interesting species of birds and animals that are not seen in other parts of Cambodia. Totally, descent distance is 17km to Srae Kan village.
Clothes and equipment
1. Comfortable sport shoes for hiking and sport clothes are necessarily.
2. Bikini & flip flops and towel if you want to swim.
3. Change of clothes in case we will get rain on the way
4. Insect repellent
5. Comfortable backpack
Your guide have emergency medicine and tool kit.
You need only yours individual medicine if needed.
Food and drinks
You will get tour package:
3 bottles of water (1,5l)
Vegetarian or non-vegetarian sandwich
Local fruits and nuts
2 cans of local beer
One glass of red wine
Pork\chiken barbeque
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